Become A CCAS Member

To join contact: Dr. Alan Lauder Executive Director, CCAS or by phone at: (610) 388-6901

Become a Member

CCAS is a U.S. based organization with membership open to all stakeholders that share an interest in its vision and mission. CCAS members are involved in the end-use, manufacture, development and research of superconductor based systems, products and related technologies. Members comprise large and small corporations, research institutions, national laboratories and universities.

Membership Fees

Annual membership fees of $3,500 are used to defray expenses associated with meetings, communications among members, periodic preparation of educational materials targeted at key audiences, outreach activities and press submissions. Members are also expected and encouraged to furnish services and contributions-in-kind to meet occasional non-recurring expenses and to support specific activities of the organization.

Benefits of Membership

Return on investment. CCAS offers a highly cost-effective means to advance the collective interests of the superconductor industry in the realm of public policy. The U.S. government dedicates approximately $50 million annually to superconductor-related programs. The Coalition provides a collective voice on important issues, helping to secure adequate funding of key programs and appropriate focus on the topics that will best support the industry's path to commercialization.


By becoming a member of CCAS, you will interact directly with leading companies and individuals in the field. You will exchange insights on the state of the industry with developers, manufacturers, equipment suppliers and researchers in a field that is growing worldwide into a vital 21st century industry.

Market Development

As audiences become more educated, they become more supportive of efforts to bring superconductor-based products into the marketplace. By participating in CCAS, you will support and join in shaping key messages that are communicated to the public, to policymakers and to other important audiences.

Competitive Positioning

Whether you are in the superconductor industry or in a diverse range of related fields, by participating in CCAS you will become more knowledgeable and better able to compete in your chosen segment.