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CCAS is a member-driven, non-profit 501(c)6 organization, initially formed in 1987 to represent superconductivity stakeholders in the United States.



CCAS is a U.S. based organization with membership open to all stakeholders that share an interest in its vision and mission.

CCAS members are involved in the end-use, manufacture, development and research of superconductor based systems, products and related technologies. Members comprise large and small corporations, research institutions, national laboratories and universities.

For more information contact: Dr. Alan Lauder Executive Director, CCAS or by phone at: (610) 388-6901


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The mission of CCAS is to provide broad dissemination of the applications and benefits of superconductivity and related technologies and to represent the industry by speaking with a united voice on public policy issues.

CCAS seeks to ensure that the societal and economic benefits of superconductors are effectively realized and speedily implemented by endorsing and supporting government programs and activities consistent with the CCAS vision.

CCAS seeks to enable members to communicate and collaborate, nationally and internationally, to collectively develop and demonstrate multi-disciplinary technology, to educate policy makers, and to advocate priorities for adequate government funding for superconductor based programs from research to pre-commercial demonstrations.


CCAS members believe that the commercialization of superconductors and related technologies will translate into significant benefits to the world economies across a broad range of endeavors. Superconductors offer the promise of important major advances in efficiency and performance in electric power generation, transmission and storage; medical instrumentation; wireless communications; computing; and transportation, that will result in societal advances that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

For current information on commercial applications of superconductors, please visit Overview of Applications.

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